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Hinterland 2010


The Lower Bolognese:
an identity in transformation.

Bologna’s Lowlands are changing rapidly. During the last twenty years the “low” has experienced population growth never seen before in its long history. During this period the population has doubled and its identity is transforming. This photographic project hopes to contribute towards the debate on the sustainable development of the Lowlands and its emerging new identity. Urban Spread is a global phenomenon. The urbanization of cities, their hinterland and what has become a satellite. Even though Europe’s population is growing, then that of other continents, the European urban / rural divide is becoming difficult to define as many urban dwellers
New ‘Metropolitan Areas’ are developing around Europe’s cities, their satellite towns and along our main transport corridors. Consequently, local authorities are seeing their traditional roles changing the metropolitan areas.
This is a major European study, both local and international, and future sustainable urban / rural development.