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Lulietta,The Bride


The bride, Lulietta, is taken away from her home after a feast that she does not participate in. In arranged marriages (as this one) the women of the household and the bride’s friends also cry, lamenting her loss. The bride must remain veiled till arrival at the home of her future husband, who she has met only on one previous occasion. According to the ‘Kanun’, Book Three (Marriage), Chapter XII, paragraph 31 (the rights of women): “The young woman, even if her parents are not alive, does not have the right to concern herself about her own marriage, this right is held by her brother or other relatives. The young woman does not have the right (a) to choose her own husband; she must go to the man to whom she has been betrothed (b) to interfere in the selection of a match- maker or in the engagement arrangements”. Malagji village.