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La Bassa bolognese: un’identità in trasformazione. Bologna’s Lowlands are changing rapidly. During the last twenty years the “Bassa” has experienced a population growth never seen before in its long history. During this period the population has doubled and its identity … Continue reading Hinterland



In 2007 I designed and built the ScanCam (daguerreotype technology – basically a wooden box in a box camera with a large format lens and a mutilated desk-top digital scanner substituting a glass or film back). It was my personal … Continue reading ScanCam

“Scambi Ferroviari” a publication and exhibition commissioned in 2011 by Regione Emilia-Romagna, Provincia di Bologna, Comune di Bologna, Ferrovie Emilia Romagna and Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano (national rail service).

South America is a very different place today then it was when I frequented the continent between the mid 80ies and late 90ies. Back then it was the US’ back-yard – no government however democratic and popular with it’s own … Continue reading Viaje America Latina